Problems Your Business's Automatic Doors Could Experience

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Problems Your Business's Automatic Doors Could Experience

Problems Your Business's Automatic Doors Could Experience

16 April 2020
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Automatic doors can be an important feature for ensuring that a business is easily accessible to individuals that suffer from mobility issues. Unfortunately, these doors are not infallible, and you will need to be sure that you are prepared for some of the problems that can be frequently encountered by these door systems.

Jammed Opener

The motor that opens and closes the door will be among the most important parts of an automatic door system. Unfortunately, an opener can suffer a mechanical failure that will result in it becoming jammed. One of the best ways to avoid this will be to ensure that the area around the door is kept free of dust as dust accumulation can be a common source of these failures. Once the opener has become jammed, a professional automatic door repair service will be needed to repair the damage. Some business leaders may attempt to free the jam on their own, but this can lead to a higher risk of them accidentally damaging the internal components of the motor or otherwise making the problem worse.

Misaligned Sensors

Most automatic door systems will utilize a series of sensors to open when customers get close enough to the door. However, these sensors can also suffer failures, which can completely prevent the door from working. The sensors becoming misaligned is a common contributing factor that can lead to this type of failure. Properly aligning the sensors can be extremely difficult for those that lack the proper equipment for this task, and this will result in you needing to have a professional come to the business to realign the sensors for these doors. When choosing an automatic door system, it can be best to opt for a model that has an overhead sensor. These sensors will be less likely to get knocked out of alignment as they will be out of reach of customers and shopping carts.

Failed Locking Mechanism

When the automatic door is locked, it is important for the opener to avoid attempting to activate. If the opener attempts to activate while the door is locked, it can burn itself out as the door will not be able to open. Under normal circumstances, the opener should avoid attempting to activate while the door is locked. However, it can be possible for the sensor that detects when the door is locked to fail. If you notice that the opener is attempting to activate while the door is locked, you should completely disconnect it to avoid damage and contact a repair service. Otherwise, you may have to invest in an entirely new automatic door system.

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