Three Tint Options To Consider For Your Shower Door

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Three Tint Options To Consider For Your Shower Door

Three Tint Options To Consider For Your Shower Door

28 November 2022
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A lot of people picture clear glass when they think of a shower door, but it's important to know that there are more than just clear glass doors on the market. If you want something other than clear, tinted glass might interest you. The biggest value that tinted glass offers is privacy, which is important for a lot of people. Beyond this functionality, however, you may find that the right tint augments the overall style of your bathroom. Visit a shower door retailer that carries a large inventory so that you can assess several different tints, including the following.


You can expect to see several shower doors that are tinted in a black/brown hue, somewhat similar in color to tinted automotive or residential windows. The amount of the tint will vary, so you'll be able to choose what suits your preferences and the look of your bathroom. A darker tint will create more of a feeling of privacy for those who are in the shower, while a lighter tint won't be as visually dominant in the bathroom. Try to match the color of the tint to the existing elements in the space. For example, if you have a lot of brown in the bathroom, glass that is more brown than black will be ideal.


It's also common to find blue/green tints available when you shop for a new shower door. Some of these products are pure blue, others are pure green, and others feature a blend of these two soft hues. Blue can particularly be a good fit in many peoples' bathrooms because of the association between this color and water. A blue shower door with a bumpy rain glass finish, for example, may help to give your bathroom a relaxing beach-like feel — particularly if there are existing beach-like elements in this room.


If you really want your bathroom to have a regal appearance, a gold tinted shower door is a look to consider. This look can work well in a space that has gold fixtures, gold lighting, or gold accents in the wallpaper or trim. Many shower door suppliers can order gold-tinted doors after showing you pictures of what this style looks like. The degree of tint can vary from having a subtle gold hue to being very pronounced. To learn more about these and other tints that are available, visit a shower door supplier.

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