4 Ways To Increase The Insulation Level Of Your Commercial Garage Door

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4 Ways To Increase The Insulation Level Of Your Commercial Garage Door

4 Ways To Increase The Insulation Level Of Your Commercial Garage Door

26 March 2019
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4 Ways to Increase the Insulation Level of Your Garage Door

When it comes to minimizing heat loss in your home, make sure to look at your commercial garage. Attached garage doors can play a big roll in the heat loss your business suffers. Start in your garage to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

#1 Upgrade to a Steel Garage Door

If your garage door is old, you may want to consider upgrading your garage door. One of the garage door materials with the highest level of insulation is a steel garage door. There are different levels of insulation across all garage door materials, so be sure to go for one with the highest R-value possible when choosing the material.

Even if you don't have the budget to upgrade to a steel garage door, you can still upgrade to another material that provides you with a higher insulation value than the garage door that you currently have. Newer garage doors are built with a higher level of insulation than garage doors-built decades ago.

#2 Increase the Insulation on Your Existing Garage Door

If you can't or don't want to replace your current garage door, you can still increase its insulation levels. You can purchase insulation and attach the insulation to your garage door. The insulation can be attached using special adhesive, or it can be staple-gunned in place. Nails usually don't work because your garage door is not thick enough to support nails.

You can purchase different levels of add-on insulation. It is smart to go with the highest level of insulation you can purchase, so you can increase the insulation properties of your garage door as much as possible. However, any insulation you have will help better regulate the temperature of your home and your garage.

#3 Weather Strip Around the Edge of Your Garage Door

Lots of air can get around your garage door. Just like air can get in around the main entry door to your home. The best way to reduce the amount of air that squeezes its way around your garage door is by adding weather stripping around the frame of your door. This will allow your garage door to create a tighter seal with the frame.

#4 Add Rubber Stripping Across the Bottom of Your Garage Door

Don't forget about the bottom of your garage door. Lots of air can get in through that space as well. Add a rubber strip across the bottom of your garage door. The rubber strip will close the gap between your garage door and the ground and will help keep outside air out of your garage.

Get some help increasing the insulation levels of your commercial garage door by having a local garage door insulation company, such as Affina Door, help you upgrade the insulation properties of your garage door.

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