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Responding to a Glass Emergency in the Workplace

26 March 2024
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It's the scenario you hope never occurs, but when it does, every second counts. A sudden crash and the sight of shattered glass can send a surge of concern through any workplace. Whether it's a small window or a grand fa├žade, the urgency to restore safety and normalcy is paramount. In the aftermath of such incidents, the swift and meticulous service of an emergency glass installation team becomes not just a convenience but a crucial company asset.
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One thing that I struggled with when doing a complete renovation of my home was choosing the exterior doors. I knew that the doors that I chose would be in place for many, many years and that they would have an impact on the appearance of the home from the inside and the outside. I wanted to allow as much natural light into the home as possible without sacrificing my privacy from the front of the home, and I wanted doors that would be efficient against heat loss during the winter. This blog is all about choosing the exterior doors for your home.