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Different Patio Door Options and How to Install Them

9 October 2023
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Choosing and installing the perfect patio door has the power to completely transform your living area. This guide delves into popular patio door options — sliding doors, French doors, folding doors, and bi-fold doors — and their unique characteristics and installation processes. Understanding these options empowers homeowners to make informed decisions that align with their lifestyle and home aesthetics, enhancing their indoor-outdoor living experience. Sliding Doors It's no wonder that sliding doors are the favored choice for patio entrances.
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Deciding On The Perfect Commercial Door System For Your Business

3 May 2023
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Selecting the right commercial door system is crucial for any business. It represents the first impression that clients and customers see and ensures security, accessibility, and optimum working conditions. Tip: Make Sure Your Commercial Door System Can Withstand Extreme Weather Conditions. A business door system's fire rating is an important consideration. A high fire rating indicates that the door materials are resistant to fire for a specific period of time. This feature can be critical in safeguarding your business property in an emergency or fire outbreak.
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One thing that I struggled with when doing a complete renovation of my home was choosing the exterior doors. I knew that the doors that I chose would be in place for many, many years and that they would have an impact on the appearance of the home from the inside and the outside. I wanted to allow as much natural light into the home as possible without sacrificing my privacy from the front of the home, and I wanted doors that would be efficient against heat loss during the winter. This blog is all about choosing the exterior doors for your home.